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Provision of Referees for Competitions
For some time now, we have had a problem with fielding sufficient Kyorugi Referees at major events in Victoria.
This has led to frustration from both referees & coaches.
To solve this problem, ATV have decided to ... more
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Expression of Interest

"Victoria is a state with a rich and diverse Taekwondo community. Australian Taekwondo Victoria (ATV) recognises its long standing members and their invaluable contribution over decades, and it also celebrates its new young vibrant members.

Each year Australian Taekwondo Victoria (and its predecessors) have moved our state forward with opportunities to participate in events, seminars and educational activities. ATV invites the whole Victorian Taekwondo community to join our organisation in the future planning and activity of Taekwondo in Victoria. As such an expression of interest form is available to....
download from here.
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Mission Statement

ATVI is the recognised State Sporting Organisation (SSO) in Victoria representing the Taekwondo community. We provide the programs and pathways for all members to be inspired to reach their highest potential through participation in martial arts.
Australian Taekwondo Victoria Inc. is the Only Official Recognised State Organisation of Australian Taekwondo in Victoria.

ATVI is the largest Taekwondo Community within the State of Victoria and one of the largest in Australia.

We support members of all levels to reach their highest potential, whether it be their enjoyment of Martial Art or competitive achievement.

ATVI offers a wide variety of programs for students wishing to get involved in Taekwondo in the State of Victoria.