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Historical Background Of Taekwondo

Koguryo and Silla Dynasties
The origin of Taekwondo in Korea can be traced back to the Koguryo dynasty, founded 37B.C. since mural paintings found in the ruins of the royal tombs built by that dynasty show scenes of Taekwondo practice. Taekwondo was also practiced during the Silla dynasty. Korean culture and martial arts of the period were strongly influenced and enriched by the Hwarangdo, a military, educational and social organization and noble youths of the Silla dynasty. The code of honor on which the Hwarang was based was loyalty to the nation, respect and obedience to one's 'parents, faithfulness to one's friends, courage in battle and avoidance of unnecessary violence and killing. < read more >

Understanding Taekwondo Philosophy
Traditional National Spirit and Taekwondo
The Korean traditional thoughts must be first examined in order to elucidate the ideological aspects of Taekwondo as a traditional martial art.
Ancestors of the Han (Korean) race experienced frustrations coming from natural disasters and existential restrictive circumstances of life and therefore they had to rely spiritually on the nature's power, such as heaven, rain, cloud, sun, moon, trees, rocks, etc., for their consolation. As the tribal and agricultural community was firmly established, the Han people arrived at a unified thought, of "seon"(impeccable virtuousness) to become the basis of Koreans' philosophical thought.
On the basis of this thought, Buddhism and Confucianism reigned over the Korean people for such a long time that all individuals have been accustomed to devote themselves to the nation and society without falling into the victim of personal avarices, ever cultivating their mind and body. <
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Taekwondo History
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